Proceedings of the International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research 4

Editors: Torsten Dau, Sébastien Santurette, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, Lisbeth Tranebjærg, Ture Andersen, Torben Poulsen

Published: 2013-12-15

Full Issue

2013/1. Basic perceptual studies of training, learning, and generalization

2013/2. Physiological correlates and modeling of auditory plasticity

2013/3. Plasticity and auditory disorders

2013/5. Design and evaluation of hearing-aid signal processing

2013/6. New processing and fitting strategies in cochlear implants

2013/7. Hearing loss assessment and characterization

2013/8. Factors influencing speech intelligibility

2013/9. Audiovisual interactions and music-listening habits